Thursday, December 10, 2009


Hello there customer,

i would to share wif u that streamyx make a great offer only for dis month. After dis promotion, u won't get any special offer from TM. dis promotion's due date is until 31st Dicember 2009.. Come on!! Register streamyx now whie promotion last!!

up here is a combo package. Buy 1Mbps straemyx only for Rm110 per month.. no activation fee and no registration fee.. worth RM163. is dat cool?? plus u will get a free wifi modem..everyone registered said dat this modem looks very cool. yes, indeed! For those who hve streamyx already, u can promote to your friends even your relatives as they will be interested to this promotion. REMEMBER, this promotion valid til 31st Dicember 2009 ok. Tentang yuran pengaktifan dan pemasangan free, lihat DISINI.


This is another promotion from TM. Student package.. It almost like the combo package but this promotion valid for students for registration. In the form, student's id will be needed as to prove that the register is a student. TM offer Rm100 per month for those who take this package. As usual, activation and registration fee is FREE!! Valid until 31st Dicember 2009 only. while promtion last!! other than that, in this package customer also get many free gift such as 3 months online games, 3 months music download, wifi modem and MU t-shirt. So grab your friends and relatives to register streamyx now! klik DISINI utk lihat student package lebih lanjut.

konklusinye, aku cadangkan korg or kwn korg amek package student laa.. dpt byk free gift. minimum klajuan 1mbps. 1mbps pn da laju babeng dh.. pastu modem ciap wifi lg. segala pemasangan, pihak TM yg kn buat tanpa caj TAMBAHAN.. sbb pemasangan dan pengaktifan adalah free smpai promosi tamat akhir bulan nih.

so, korg promote lh kt kwn2 or sdare-mare utk amek pluang nih.. promosi hebat giler!! klu yg xde laptop or komputer tu, ade lg package utk dptkn laptop dgn hanya byar streamyx ja.. untuk maklumat lanjut, klik DISINI

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