Sunday, December 5, 2010

How to speak in English Fluenty?

Aslm.. hello all. Today im gonna share u guys about how to teach your lounge to fluently speak in english. ok, here 5 tips i wanna share about..

1- Watch English Movie
as for this one, catch up english subtitles through out the movie.. when it comes to some difficult words, you can just pause the movie and make sure you have your dictionary beside you in order to find the words that you don't understand. For sure you'll be learning english which is not a frustrating or boring because you actually watching a movie. :)

2- Read any subjects that might interests you
in many ways, for someone who doesn't love to read (bookworm type person), it's recommended to you all to take this tip. No matter what subject interests you, there must be some magazines specifically that talk about it. Find the magazine (english magazine) that interests you and read it cover by cover. and yet, you must bring along your dictionary in order to detect the difficult words.

3- Listen to the Radio
as we know, communication is very important nowadays. as for that, try to listen to english radio station in your area. Continuously listening to english radio everyday and you can see the different as you understanding more and more what the radio talk about. :) helps you to understand english words by using your ears and your brain.

4- Chat or Talk with fluent english speakers
in order to speak in english fluently, you must start to talk to fluent english speakers as for you to practice to speak, build your confident to speak in english and to ensure you make speaking in english as a habit. Practice make perfect.. :)

5- Think in English
If you want to speak in English fluently you will have to learn to "think" in English. When you are constructing sentences in your mind before saying them, think in English and form them in English in your mind.

well, that's all i can share that i think these tips might help you a little bit. Thanks for reading.. :)

~WE TrusT evEryOne but WE dOnt TrusT The DEviL inSiDE TheM~


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